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what a big baby won't somebody save me
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I'm sure you're all very worried. ;D [Thursday, July 20th 2006. 3:45am.]
[ mood | a bit tired, but fine. ]

Strife's okay. I teamed up with his friends, Lockheart and Valentine, to go and save him. He's pretty beaten up, but it's nothing he won't live through. We'll be watching over him. I guess Old Man Cid is still working on the ship; Lockheart and I haven't checked in with him. And, uh, I guess Valentine's here to stay, too? Still don't know anything about that one, but Strife trusts him, so...

Hey, Yuffie? You still reading this thing? I miss you.

28, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

[Wednesday, June 7th 2006. 10:21am.]
[ mood | ready ]

Lockheart and I are going to go get Strife. Don't worry, Cid, everyone. This'll be no problem. We'll be back before you know it.


Hold on, Cloud.

9, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

Yo, Cid. [Thursday, May 18th 2006. 4:23pm.]
[ mood | juuuust fine ]

Hey, Old Man. I cleared out the postern. You were right; there were a lot of heartless around. It should be fine, now, unless they start reappearing / respawning / whatever. If that happens, just let me know, okay?

Private.Collapse )

S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

To the postern. [Monday, May 15th 2006. 4:12am.]
[ mood | ready to fight ]

Old Man Cid said there were a bunch of heartless down by the postern, and that they had become a nuisance, so I'm off to take care of them. Hopefully they'll be a little tougher than the ones I've seen around here since I arrived; I don't want any people to be hurt, but at the same time, it's a little boring! But - heh - that's the side of me that keeps getting myself and everyone else in trouble. On second thought, I hope they're all nothing but Shadows. Does that mean I'm growing up, or I'm just getting old? There's a difference...

I could very easily do this on my own, but because I'm an incredibly generous guy, I'll extend an invitation to Strife and Lockheart. You two can come with me if you want. You know - you can re-bond while you perform horrible acts of violence. :D Unless Cloud really is skipping out on me... asshole.

13, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

(Private ~ Cloud only.) [Sunday, May 14th 2006. 11:31pm.]
[ mood | confused ]

What the hell, Cloud? I thought we were in this together.

I want you here with me...

5, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

Hollow Bastion. [Thursday, May 11th 2006. 10:51pm.]
[ mood | busy ]

Strife and I arrived in Hollow Bastion a little while ago. The citizens have been working really hard to restore this place back to the way it once was, but, at the moment, it still looks pretty shabby. There are still Heartless everywhere, too. Despite that, it looks a million times better than it did the last time I saw this place...

I like being here. I like helping with the restoration. No sign of Ansem yet, or Cloud's jilted lover-guy... I don't smell anything here. Just the light in the hearts of the people, and the darkness of the heartless. But, still, it feels inevitable that we will meet again... I'll just have to be ready for him.

Kairi, I know you'll be safe. They can help you so much more than I could.

And, Yuffie? Sorry for running off without saying goodbye. Or telling you how I

[OOC: So sorry for the lack of updates/activity from me over the past week; I've been busy with graduation! I'll get to Larxene & Zexion's thread tomorrow morning. :3]

23, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

Private entry. [Saturday, April 15th 2006. 2:01pm.]
[ mood | ... ]

...Ansem wrote me a letter.

Of course he knows where I am. Of course he's back. We'll--I'll never be away from him. Not completely.

Unless I can become strong enough to...

Will he come for me? Am I putting Yuffie and the others in danger by staying?

"Shut up, Rikuriku," she'd say. "I can take care of that guy allllll on my own."

But she doesn't understand. None of them do. I didn't understand what I was getting into until I was in over my head.

Maybe I should go after him myself. But where is he? There was no return address, of course... This is the worst. I hate waiting for fate to decide what it wants to do with me.

Heaven restores you in life. [Saturday, April 15th 2006. 4:03am.]
[ mood | dead tired. ]

Have you ever lived a night that felt like it went on for years? I'm happy this one is over. I almost feel like I'm closing a chapter of my life.

It's best to say things bluntly without painting stupid shades of grey over them: I lost Kairi. I could have saved her easily, but I lost her. She was right there, and I could have...

I can't fathom what Marluxia wants Kairi for. I'm still not certain why Larxene wanted her. But Kairi was completely unharmed tonight, so... it seems that Marluxia will not harm her, either. Or am I just delusional? It doesn't matter. We will get her back. I will get her back.

So Yuffie and I got a little smacked around. Nothing two invincible people can't handle. But she's crashing in our room tonight, Strife, so deal with it. I'm sure you could share with Leon or something, haha.

Now we're gonna sleep. Don't bother us. We'll kill you.

Private.Collapse )

7, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

In the pitch blackness of night... [Tuesday, August 9th 2005. 8:27pm.]
[ mood | ... ]

All right. silver_leona, she_gotyouthere, I'm ready to go if you are. So let's go get this done already

For Cloud's eyes only.Collapse )

Private.Collapse )

5, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

You might've laughed if I told you... [Tuesday, August 2nd 2005. 5:33pm.]
[ mood | I really hate Heartilly ]

Seriously, I'm going to kill Heartilly. We wasted all that time looking for her stupid airhead self, and came up with absolutely nothing. I really thought that door with all the ugly decorations was hers. I really did! Well, it was funny when Yuffie smashed her stuff...much more satisfying than purposely accidentally wrecking Leonheart's room. :D

So we're on our way to find Larxene now. I don't think she would hurt Kairi...she's a dumb, crazy bitch, but she wouldn't have kidnapped Kairi without a reason. I just hope that reason isn't--

We're going on in a few minutes. We wouldn't have come back here at all, but Leonheart wanted to check on Aerith. Awww, how positively revolting. So I'm just gonna wait until they finish with whatever they're doing (DON'T TELL ME WHAT THEY'RE DOING I DON'T WANNA KNOW). And then we'll go.

...I think...I think Cloud's back. I thought I heard his voice coming from the lobby...

37, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

The kidnapping. [Tuesday, June 28th 2005. 9:17pm.]
[ mood | crushed ]

Yuffie and I went out to buy some pastries and we were attacked by a giant heartless. Heartilly sent it - apparently while we were fighting her heartless, Leonheart and Aerith were fighting her. When we came back to the hotel...Kairi and Namine were gone. It's my fault. I promised I would protect them and I let them both be taken away...I was only away from the hotel for an hour. Only an hour and I might never see either of them again.


I have to stop thinking this way. For their sake. Besides, it's not like me to whine. Even though I've whined a lot lately...*sigh*

I'm going after them. If any of you want to come with me, you're welcome to do so.

3, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

Blah. [Sunday, May 29th 2005. 2:05am.]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I feel swell, so Yuffie and I are gonna go to the bakery and obtain coffee, sweetcakes, and those chocolate pastry things that Kairi likes so much. Yes, I am fully aware that it is midnight.

But I almost don't want to leave. Leonheart's got me all jittery with his horrible premonitions and crap. >_<

56, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

I hate being wounded!!! [Tuesday, May 10th 2005. 7:40am.]
[ mood | pissed off, restless, cranky as hell ]

PrivateCollapse )

Yuffie, I was just kidding. You can come hang out if you want. Ahhhhh, it's so boring in this room!!!!

1, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

You must fight against yourself. [Monday, May 9th 2005. 4:38pm.]
[ mood | It's really stuffy in here. ]

I feel less like death better today. Remind me not to piss Leonheart off. Gunblades fucking hurt. Heartilly shouldn't have even been able to hit me...because I was protecting Yuffie, I left myself wide open. But it's not her fault. Why doesn't she get that? Dumb ninja.

Anyway, Yuffie and I attempted to carry out Operation Belt, like I said yesterday (BTW LEON YOU ARE A FREAK). Leonheart's ex-girlfriend (or whatever) attacked us. I got stabbed with Leonheart's gunblade. I still can't use my left arm without it hurting like a bitch

After Aerith tended to my wound, Yuffie stayed with me in my room. She told me all these crazy dumb stories of adventures she's been on (or, at least, says she's been on)...I really appreciated it. If it weren't for...other things...sometimes I wonder if Yuffie and I could ever be...

PrivateCollapse )

5, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

Fucking heartilly [Monday, May 9th 2005. 12:02am.]
[ mood | not so great. but i'll be okay. ]

So Yuffie and I set Operation Belt into motion. It was awesome fun at first. And then...Heartilly, leonheart's ex-girlfriend attacked us. Don't feel so good so you can read someone else's journal if you really gotta know what happened

9, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

The meeting. [Saturday, May 7th 2005. 6:28pm.]
[ mood | restless ]

I went with Namine to meet her internet stalker, and, as I'm sure you've already read in Namine and Yuffie's journals, it was...interesting, to say the least. I really didn't like that guy, though I think Namine did. He smelled--not like, "oh hey this guy needs to take a shower," but like...darkness. The way heartless smell. I didn't notice it at first, since he was wearing really strong (and gross) cologne, but when we sat down, I got an awful whiff of it. He smelled like Axel, actually, which would explain why Namine's so fond of him. But I'm not gonna jump to conclusions yet.

Anyone know where Cloud went? AGAIN? Hey Yuffie, wanna go kill things and hijack Leon's belts?

[OOC: Sorry for my disappearance! T____T I had to go babysit my niece, and my sister was gone for three hours longer than she said she'd be. And I was too moody to RP yesterday...-_-]

3, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

OW. [Thursday, May 5th 2005. 4:44pm.]
[ mood | omfg kill me ]

MY. HEAD. REALLY. HURTS. No, really, it's like there's a fucking keyblade stuck in my skull and it's slowly yet efficiently splitting my entire head in two. Aghh, Strife, what we you thinking, buying drinks for a minor?!!! I should report you, you spiky-haired slug-faced glowy-eyed son of a bitch. >_<

[several strong cups of coffee later]

Well, no, it's not really Strife's fault. Actually, I owe the guy. I needed someone to drunkenly ramble to.

But let me start at the beginning...

After Sora, Kairi, and I had an incredibly disastrous lunch, I ran into Namine and walked her home. Then I just sorta holed up in my room until nightfall, when I suddenly felt compelled to go somewhere. I was just...tired of thinking about everything. Long story short, I saw Cloud's motorcycle parked at a bar while I was walking, I went into bug him, got blind drunk, and passed out. I don't really remember what I said...but I know I talked a lot, so I'm assuming I told him everything. Actually, though, I do remember telling him that I'm--that I love Sora. 'Cause I remember the way he laughed. He looks less like a flaming pointy-haired retard when he laughs... I'm assuming Strife brought me back here instead of leaving me to die in a ditch somewhere like he threatened.

I just read your entry, Namine. Of course I don't want you to meet this guy I bet you a million dollars it's someone from the Organization; probably Axel, but I'll go with you. Give me a few minutes to get ready my hair looks like death and I need a shower, okay?

4, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

[Private entry.] [Wednesday, May 4th 2005. 6:42am.]
[ mood | bitter ]

So, yeah, going out with Sora and Kairi was a complete disaster. It did nothing more than solidify what I already knew: he doesn't trust me, he never will again, he loves Kairi. It just...hurts to actually see them together...I thought for a moment we were gonna be friends again, but Kairi got hysterical and it all happened so fast I don't even remember how I screwed up  So why bother, you ask? Why stay here? 'Cause Namine and I had a chat right after Sora and Kairi ran out on me. Poor Namine...she left the only family she'd ever known for Sora's sake, and what has it gotten her? She knows how I feel, to some extent...

But Cloud completely understood. He screwed up as badly as I did. For different reasons, we both accepted the darkness...let it consume us...I miss him. I want him to come back. I don't like being the only one everyone looks at like I'm gonna snap and kill them all.

Fuck it. I'm going for a walk. I haven't left the hotel this late at night in a long while, but that's because I was worried about Namine and Kairi. But it doesn't matter now. The real hero's back to make sure everyone's safe.

You've been listening to Mozart all by yourself... [Sunday, May 1st 2005. 12:33pm.]
[ mood | I'm not sure ]

I don't really have time to update. I just wanna say...Sora's back, but you all already know that. I'm not going to let myself analyze any of this. Not yet.

We're going on a walk. Sora, Kairi, and me. So I'll see you all later.

3, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

Sunshine can't touch me... [Saturday, April 30th 2005. 11:04am.]
[ mood | ready for anything ]

Well, yesterday was certainly eventful.

Kairi, Namine, and I went out to train. Just some basic practice, you know; those funny heartless with the antennae, the fat ones, etc. Namine and Kairi work very well in tandem, but I was worried they wouldn't do so well under the pressure of an actual fight. The two of them have become so strong that we just laugh when we fight the normal heartless.

Unfortunately, I had to see firsthand how well they fight under the fear of death.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Early evening rolls around, and Kairi suggests we go to that sidewalk cafe near the boutique Aerith likes and grab some dinner.  So we're sitting and eating and talking and generally having a great time when that awesome (read: retarded) fellow Zexion decides to show up. He tried to mess with poor Namine's head, make her think she belonged with those bastards in the Organization--no, I won't put this, I don't want to remind her. He tried to kidnap Namine, so Kairi and I fought him. He was...stupendous. I've never fought anyone who could move that fast... In the end, he was defeated by brightly colored fabric, so that says a lot about him, huh? :D

We fled came back to the hotel, me completely intending to chew the Brownie out for making out with his girlfriend instead of helping us (not that we needed it, but, still nice to know you've got our back there Fluffy -_-), when...I was tackled by a flailing mass of NINJA. That's right, kids, Yuffie finally decided to stroll her way back into our lives. God help us all. -_- I missed her a lot

Anyway, I intended to go plan with Namine (about Sora and the Organization), but, once again, Yuffie decided to be annoying and intrusive. She forced me to sit and listen to her story. You know, where she's been , why she left in the first place (who the hell leaves because they lost their shuriken?). We ended up falling asleep on the couch together, and now I have an awful crick in my neck. Thanks, Yuffie. -_-

But I'm excited. When the others wake up...we're gonna go get Sora.

19, S P E A K, M E M O R I Z E, C H A N G E

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