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You must fight against yourself.

I feel less like death better today. Remind me not to piss Leonheart off. Gunblades fucking hurt. Heartilly shouldn't have even been able to hit me...because I was protecting Yuffie, I left myself wide open. But it's not her fault. Why doesn't she get that? Dumb ninja.

Anyway, Yuffie and I attempted to carry out Operation Belt, like I said yesterday (BTW LEON YOU ARE A FREAK). Leonheart's ex-girlfriend (or whatever) attacked us. I got stabbed with Leonheart's gunblade. I still can't use my left arm without it hurting like a bitch

After Aerith tended to my wound, Yuffie stayed with me in my room. She told me all these crazy dumb stories of adventures she's been on (or, at least, says she's been on)...I really appreciated it. If it weren't for...other things...sometimes I wonder if Yuffie and I could ever be...

Strife wandered back to the hotel late last night. I couldn't sleep because my side hurt too much, so I heard him come in. What an arrogant son of a bitch, huh? To think we actually want him back here after all the times he's just wandered off without a word...but, still...all the things I don't want to say, I end up telling him.

And he was here when I woke up this morning, so he didn't break his promise...
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