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You might've laughed if I told you...

Seriously, I'm going to kill Heartilly. We wasted all that time looking for her stupid airhead self, and came up with absolutely nothing. I really thought that door with all the ugly decorations was hers. I really did! Well, it was funny when Yuffie smashed her stuff...much more satisfying than purposely accidentally wrecking Leonheart's room. :D

So we're on our way to find Larxene now. I don't think she would hurt Kairi...she's a dumb, crazy bitch, but she wouldn't have kidnapped Kairi without a reason. I just hope that reason isn't--

We're going on in a few minutes. We wouldn't have come back here at all, but Leonheart wanted to check on Aerith. Awww, how positively revolting. So I'm just gonna wait until they finish with whatever they're doing (DON'T TELL ME WHAT THEY'RE DOING I DON'T WANNA KNOW). And then we'll go.

...I think...I think Cloud's back. I thought I heard his voice coming from the lobby...
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