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Heaven restores you in life.

Have you ever lived a night that felt like it went on for years? I'm happy this one is over. I almost feel like I'm closing a chapter of my life.

It's best to say things bluntly without painting stupid shades of grey over them: I lost Kairi. I could have saved her easily, but I lost her. She was right there, and I could have...

I can't fathom what Marluxia wants Kairi for. I'm still not certain why Larxene wanted her. But Kairi was completely unharmed tonight, so... it seems that Marluxia will not harm her, either. Or am I just delusional? It doesn't matter. We will get her back. I will get her back.

So Yuffie and I got a little smacked around. Nothing two invincible people can't handle. But she's crashing in our room tonight, Strife, so deal with it. I'm sure you could share with Leon or something, haha.

Now we're gonna sleep. Don't bother us. We'll kill you.

Well, that was certainly idiotic of me.

But, still... she didn't seem to mind.

No, I'm too tired to try and think this through right now. Tomorrow.


I really did miss Cloud. I think we could be friends if he weren't so... withdrawn.
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