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To the postern.

Old Man Cid said there were a bunch of heartless down by the postern, and that they had become a nuisance, so I'm off to take care of them. Hopefully they'll be a little tougher than the ones I've seen around here since I arrived; I don't want any people to be hurt, but at the same time, it's a little boring! But - heh - that's the side of me that keeps getting myself and everyone else in trouble. On second thought, I hope they're all nothing but Shadows. Does that mean I'm growing up, or I'm just getting old? There's a difference...

I could very easily do this on my own, but because I'm an incredibly generous guy, I'll extend an invitation to Strife and Lockheart. You two can come with me if you want. You know - you can re-bond while you perform horrible acts of violence. :D Unless Cloud really is skipping out on me... asshole.
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