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Yo, Cid.

Hey, Old Man. I cleared out the postern. You were right; there were a lot of heartless around. It should be fine, now, unless they start reappearing / respawning / whatever. If that happens, just let me know, okay?

I can't fight without using the powers of darkness. I've become too accustomed to using these powers... I like them too much. And the king said that I would be fine using them as long as I held on to my light side as well. It's just something so natural, using the powers of darkness. I can't stop, right? I won't hurt anyone, right?

... I feel him. Everytime I use these powers and even sometimes when I am not. He is here. He is always here. It doesn't matter that he's a ghost in a palace somewhere; he's in me. Sometimes, I even want to say his name... to answer his voice... to just run around and fall down and scream until he lets go of my heart.

I hate him. I hate him.
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