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Hollow Bastion.

Strife and I arrived in Hollow Bastion a little while ago. The citizens have been working really hard to restore this place back to the way it once was, but, at the moment, it still looks pretty shabby. There are still Heartless everywhere, too. Despite that, it looks a million times better than it did the last time I saw this place...

I like being here. I like helping with the restoration. No sign of Ansem yet, or Cloud's jilted lover-guy... I don't smell anything here. Just the light in the hearts of the people, and the darkness of the heartless. But, still, it feels inevitable that we will meet again... I'll just have to be ready for him.

Kairi, I know you'll be safe. They can help you so much more than I could.

And, Yuffie? Sorry for running off without saying goodbye. Or telling you how I

[OOC: So sorry for the lack of updates/activity from me over the past week; I've been busy with graduation! I'll get to Larxene & Zexion's thread tomorrow morning. :3]
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